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FIRST TIME Boarding/drop off information:

Thank you for choosing Tenaker! As a first time guest, we will need a few things from you to get you all set up in our system. We will need you to fill out our Client Agreement form. You can fax this form to us, scan it into your computer and email it to us or you can bring it in. Once we have this form, we can make reservations for you.

(Click here for the Boarding Contract) Adobe Acrobat Reader

We need your pet's vaccination records. All dogs and cats must be current on all of their vaccinations in order to board. You can have your vet fax them to us or you can bring them in yourself. We recommend that you get your vaccinations in to us prior to boarding. We require all vaccines to be administered three days prior to boarding and daycare.

Vaccinations required for dogs:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHLP)
  • Bordetella
  • We recommend the canine influenza vaccination but we don't require it

Vaccinations required for cats:

  • Rabies
  • Feline Distemper
  • Feline Leukemia (for outdoor cats)

We do not accept hand written vaccinations. If that is the only sort of vaccination record your vet can provide us with, please have them call us to ok the vaccination verbally. We also do not accept Rabies tags. We must actually see documentation from your vet stating that your pet is current.

We cannot board dogs who are under 6 months of age. We can board dogs who are over 13 or older if we have a note from the vet.

All medication needs to be in its original container, clearly marked, and accompanied by the following information:

  • Dog’s first and last name
  • Name of medication and strength
  • Dosage per day and whether it has been administered the morning or afternoon of drop off.

We feed all dogs Iams Sensitive Stomach dog food. If you choose to bring your own food you may do so, just make sure you bring feeding instructions with you the day that you drop off.

Please allow at least 5 - 15 minutes for check in and have the following information ready:

  • Client Agreement (it may need to be filled out for the first time or we may need you to update you already existing Client agreement)
  • Up to date vaccination records (dogs be boarded without these records)
  • Feeding instructions
  • Any medication instructions
  • And any other special instructions

Optional items to bring with you:

  • A towel or a mat
  • Food (we can feed our food, we feed Iams sensitive stomach, or if you don’t want to break your pup off their diet or if they have food allergies we recommend that you bring your food in)
  • Toys or additional treats

Note: We provide every pup with a bed of their own. We ask that you do not bring beds with stuffing, your own bowls or anything of value as items can get lost or misplaced


While you are away, Tenaker provides every accommodation your pup will need to be on a vacation! Our staff members strive to create the best experience possible for our furry guests.

We have many activities that your pets can take part in while they are staying with us. They can start their day off with a lap in the pool, bask in the sun, play fetch with our trained daycare technician, and come inside for some (fat free) frozen soft serve with milk bones and finish their day off with a belly scratch and an interactive doggy movie (movies only play in the suites). We provide your pet with every amenity they could need to have a great vacation. Our play yard is equipped with an in-ground heated pool, agility equipment, two gazebos and toys galore.

Our motto here at Tenaker is ‘Your Pet is Our Pet.’ Our staff members really live up to this expectation as we all have (very spoiled) pets of our own. We even have veterinary technicians walk through our kennel on a daily basis to look at every individual dog to make sure that everyone is comfortable and healthy. Please feel free to come by for a tour during our business hours; (Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm - Saturday 9am-1pm)

Group Playtime: Comes with an hour of outdoor time with access to 2-3 of our play yards. In the spring, summer and fall months, playtime comes with access to our in ground heated pool. Our play yard is equipped with two gazebos, balls and agility equipment. To participate in Group Playtime, all pups must be spayed/neutered and they must get along well with other dogs. Group playtime consists of 10-15 dogs outside at a time.

Alone Playtime: Comes with an hour of outdoor time with access to their own alone yard. They can have access to the pool for up to 30 minutes at the owners request. Alone playtime is for dogs who may be not be spayed/neutered or who may not get along with other dogs.

Extended Playtime: This comes with three hours of outdoor time with access to our in ground heated pool! This is offered to our boarding guests 7 days a week! (see group playtime for more details on the yard).

Daycare: Comes with eight hours of outdoor time with access to 2-3 of our play yards and our in ground heated pool! We offer Daycare Monday-Friday and it goes from 7am-3pm. Daycare can be added to any boarding package or it can be used on a daily basis (see Daycare page for more information). Daycare can be with the group or it can be alone.

½ Day of Daycare: Comes with four hours of outdoor time with access to 2-3 of our play yards and our in ground heated pool! We offer this Monday-Friday. A half day of daycare can be added to any boarding package or it can be used on a daily basis (see Daycare page for more information). The ½ Day of Daycare can be with the group or it can be alone.

Party Time: This includes fat free frozen soft serve specially formulated for dogs, and milk bones! It is a great treat for the pups after a long day of swimming and playing! Yum!!




Do you have to catch a flight at 6am? Do you have to work till 8pm? This is not a problem for us here at Tenaker! Tenaker Pet Care recently opened the doors to their 24 hour pick-up and drop-off program! This feature allows you to drop off or pick up your pup up any time that we are not open. We simply give you a series of codes, the first code will let you into our facility and the second code will allow you to have access to a run where you can either pick up or drop off your dog! Come by for a tour and we will gladly show you the 24/7 area and answer any questions you may have about it.

Please note: The 24/7 area will be closed for all major holidays. We also cannot put cats into our 24/7 area.


Our cattery is made up of 14 suites that are completely climate controlled and noise insulated. Our feline friends stay in their own well ventilated suite that is comprised of one large cubby with a shelf for their food and water, and two additional smaller cubbies that allow cats to burrow. All kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily. You can bring your food or we can feed ours!



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