Dog Training Pricing

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Custom-designing each training program to suit the needs of the dog and owner has proved to be a successful formula for thousands of clients.  Our expert dog trainers always recommend that the owner become an active part of their dog’s training process.  Not only is it necessary for the success of the training but it is definitely more fun for everyone.

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About Our Training Packages:


Fee:  $255.00

Four hourly instructional sessions covering the basic obedience commands of sit, down, stay, heel and come.
Fee: $295 Get all the above 4 week basic plus you drop your dog off for 1 full day of training.



Fee:  $685.00

Drop your dog off on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a full day of training with Ron. After three weeks there will be 3 private instructional sessions.


2 week fee: $975 ON leash. includes 3 private instructional lessons
3 week fee: $1925 OFF leash. includes 4 private instructional lessons

Our most comprehensive canine training programs for dogs 6 months and older. Your dog stays with us in-kennel during the 2 week (on-leash obedience) or 3 week (off-leash obedience) programs and receives daily training with our professional trainers. Your dog will learn its basic obedience skills as well as advanced handling techniques. Behavioral issues are also addressed during the training period. These programs are ideal for busy families and for vacationers that have to board their dog anyhow. Dogs with aggression issues are best handled with the board & train programs. Reservations are required.



Fee:  $165.00

This is a 4 week, 1 hour a week, one on one class is for young dogs from the ages of 10 weeks (2 ½ months) through 16 weeks (4 months). We address all basic skills and socialization through motivational techniques and prepare the pup for more formal training as his next phase.

(optional: 2 weeks: Two one hour, one on one classes held twice a week )

VACCINATIONS: all puppies must be up to date on all puppy vaccinations prior to first class or training will be rescheduled.


Fee: TBD upon consultation Please schedule an appointment our trainer

A free consultation with our trainer is necessary to thoroughly discuss your dog’s particular issues. Many times behavioral issues fall under the obedience umbrella and are best addressed via the board & train programs.

***Programs can be modified or adjusted depending on the needs of the dog or goals of the owner following
consultation with Bob.


Fee: $36 per day
–be sure to mention you dog has been trained through Tenaker when you schedule with the front desk.
(Pickups after 12pm is considered another day, unless prior arrangements are made with the trainer)

For dogs that have gone through training at Tenaker can board their dogs for maintenance with Bob the Head Trainer. Dogs will get refresher course on all the basic commands. If a full re-training is required, price will be discussed with the trainer.