DIA Pet Drop Off

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Do you leave for work, a family vacation or DIA before the sun comes up and no pet care is open to lovingly care for your pet?

Introducing Tenaker Pet Care Center’s 24/7 Pet Drop Off Program.

24/7 is a convenience we offer to early customers and travelers.  We are located approximately three miles from I-70 and Airport Boulevard which makes Tenaker’s 24/7 an easy stop on the way to DIA.

Call 303-366-2376 for more information on Tenaker’s 24/7 Pet Drop Off Program and to schedule a tour.

Please note: If you are not able to make it to pick up or drop off during our business hours, please let us know so that you can be set up for our 24/7 service.

**Tenaker Pet Care does not offer 24/7 access on major holidays. **

Tenaker is located approximately three miles from I-70 and Airport Boulevard, which makes it an easy stop for those traveling to DIA. For your convenience, Tenaker offers a complementary 24/7 access program which allows you to either drop off or pick up your dog anytime our office is not open. This is convenient not only for our boarding clients who may have an early flight to catch, but also for our daycare clients who have to be to work before our office opens.

The best part about it? It’s so easy to use!

We simply give you two codes, one that lets you into our facility and one that lets you into a secure holding area where you can either drop off or pick up your dog. Your dog then stays in the holding area for a short time until Tenaker opens for business. We then promptly take your furry friend out of the holding area and move them either into their boarding suite or to the daycare yard.

*The 24/7 area is closed on all major holidays and cannot be used for cats